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Danen Capital Headquarter Office, Shenzhen, China | 旦恩资本总部办公室,中国深圳

Danen Capital Headquarter Office, Shenzhen, China

旦恩 十间设计 @张超 L 2017-12-07-1.jpg
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Location: Shenzhen, China
Area: 702sqm
Client: Danen Capital
Photos By: Chao Zhang
In collaboration with Studio UNIT                              

和Studio UNIT合作                                          


Danen Capital Headquarter Interior Design aims at creating a fluid, transparent and well-lit studio space with a gallery-like atmosphere. With the application and combination of expanded metal mesh panels, channeled glass, transparent glass as well as solid white wall, solid wood and concrete. Meanwhile this design explores the interactions amongst transparency, translucency and opacity.

The ceiling utilizes veil-like expanded metal mesh to blur the view of the ductwork above, creating a soft lighting effect. The consistent modulation of the ceiling panels reinforces the completeness and fluidity of the studio space. 

Wood flooring, carpet and concrete is used for flooring to imply the program transitions between spaces.

The executive office is partitioned with double-glazed low-iron glass wall, introducing light and visual interaction into the inner open studio space without compromising its acoustic performance. The layout and scale of the solid wood bookcase is calibrated to provide necessary privacy for the rooms without compromising the sense of the overall space.

The portfolio wall in the large meeting room next to the entrance has wood blocks laser-cut with the logos of the invested companies that can be easily  changed or updated.