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上围厂房完工 20171221-2_ 张超.jpg

Exhibition Venue, 2017 SZHKUABB, Shangwei, Shenzhen, China | 2017深港城市建筑双城双年展上围村分展场, 中国深圳

Exhibition Venue, 2017 SZHKUABB, Shangwei, Shenzhen, China

上围厂房 十间设计 @张超 L 2018-01-05-4_LR.jpg
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上围厂房 十间设计 @张超 L 2018-01-05-2.jpg
上围厂房 十间设计 @张超 L 2018-01-05-7_LR.jpg
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室内功能盒子 张超、摄 Interior Program Boxes, Photo By Chao Zhang.jpg
上围厂房 十间设计 @张超 L 2018-01-05-10_LR.jpg
水磨石样本 Terrazzo panels sample.jpg
水磨石样本Terrazzo panels sample.jpg

Location: Shangwei Village, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Status: Completed 2017

GFA: 2000sqm

Curator: Future+ Academy

Photos By: Chao Zhang, Shi Zhou







There are many electronics factories around Shangwei Village, and this abandoned one at the entrance to the village was

one of them. With the regeneration and renewal of the village, the factory has been assigned with new programs – the Main

Exhibition Venue for Shangwei, SZHKUABB 2017 as well as part of the future Minzhi School.

Though small in scale and looks plain, the factory is almost a paradigm of those most typical,commonly-seen ones in the Urban

Villages – the deteriorated mosaic-finished exterior wall, temporary addition enclosed with corrugated metal panels, enamel

wall-mounted factory lamp, steel roll-up door and so on are all specific to its time and typology.

Unfortunately, these elements are often seen to be “ cheap, temporary and dated” nowadays and some of the first to be gotten

rid of. The project takes the factory renovation as a case study: By adopting the “Inlay” strategy and approach, through recording,

extracting and reconstructing before innovatively restoring and recycling the typical components of the industrial buildings in the

urban villages, it aims at bringing out both the contemporary and nostalgic sides of these materials and components while providing

practical architectural solution for the exhibition venue and

future school.