Studio 10

studio10 工作室介绍


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Studio 10于2017年创立,是一家以建筑设计为主的跨界设计工作室。

Studio 10立足于深圳和香港这两座城市;工作室致力于提供高度定制化、高品质的精品建筑、室内、规划、平面、产品及其他创意设计服务;

Studio 10团队的背景高度多元化,既具有国际视野,同时亦对于本土文化有深刻的理解。

自成立以来,Studio 10获得了ArchDaily年度建筑大奖(2019);FRAME社会责任奖提名(2019);DFA亚洲最具影响力设计奖(2018)等荣誉。

Founded in 2017, Studio10 is an inter-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Shenzhen, China with branch office in Hong Kong.

Studio10 believes in providing highly bespoke, high-quality architecture, interior, master planning, graphic, product as well as other creative design services;

Our team with highly diverse background has both global vision and profound understanding of the local culture. 

Since its founding, Studio 10 has been awarded with ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards (2019), FRAME Social Award Nomination (2019), DFA Design for Asia Awards (2018), etc.