Studio 10

Opening Exhibition, Pingshan District Art Museum, Shenzhen, China | 坪山美术馆(新馆)开馆展, 中国深圳

UNKNOWN CITY: Opening Exhibition, Pingshan District Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

未知城市:坪山美术馆(新馆)开馆展, 中国深圳 

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十间 坪山展览 @张超 20190412 成片 L-4.jpg
十间 坪山展览 @张超 20190412 成片 L-9.jpg
十间 坪山展览 @张超 20190412 成片 L-11.jpg
十间 坪山展览 @张超 20190412 成片 L-10.jpg
十间 坪山展览 @张超 20190412 补拍 L-5.jpg
十间 坪山展览 @张超 20190412 成片 L-16.jpg
十间 坪山展览 @张超 20190412 成片 L-15.jpg
十间 坪山展览 @张超 20190412 成片 L-1(final).jpg


Location: Pingshan District Art Museum, Shenzhen

Exhibition Period: 03/30/2019-09/30/2019

Exhibitor: Shi Zhou

Project Team: Meishi Zhao, Ming Tang(Project Assistant), Hao Wu(Intern), Jiaxiao Bao(Intern)

Photo: Chao Zhang, Studio 10

Curator: Yuxing Zhang, Ye cheng, Jing Han






摄影:张超、Studio 10

策展: 张宇星、野城、韩晶 

Unknown City, the opening exhibition at the Shenzhen Pingshan District Art Museum launched on March 30, 2019. Joined by 71 fellow exhibitors including architects, planners, designers, artists, urban researchers and so on, Studio 10 approached the subject with the dimension of time in the exhibition project Unknown City: Urban Dimensions Beyond Form, in the context of Urban Villages.

The urban village is a kind of urban space and social form formed from the bottom up. Essentially it is against any paradigm, form or prototype, while Mosaic is one of their most characteristic, widely used yet overlooked exterior wall material. The mosaic-finished exterior walls in the urban villages has eroded through time, forming unique patterns that indicates correlation to the duration of time since each piece fell off.

We have recorded and extracted a series of shedding mosaic patterns; by processing the degree of stains in these samples, a series of "mosaic shedding time-lapse mapping diagrams" have been generated in the installation, recording and displaying the most subtle cues and traces of time with a new dimension.

The study is the second chapter of a series of researches on the Mosaic in Urban Villages by Studio 10, following the first Chapter, Inlay Workshop, Shangwei, 2017 SZHK UABB.

深圳市坪山美术馆展览 “未知城市:中国当代建筑装置影像展”于2019年3月30日开幕。Studio 10参展作品“无形的城市:形式之外的城市维度”以时间为主题、以城中村为背景,与包括建筑师、规划师、设计师、艺术家、城市研究者等在内的71位参展人一起共同探讨这一主题。



本研究也是继2017深港城市建筑双年展参展作品 “镶嵌工坊”后,Studio 10关于“城中村马赛克”系列研究的第二篇。